The machinery of KUFATEC

Our production is, together with the shop, the core of our company. All our own products are manufactured here.

In order to produce top-quality components, it is indispensable to have efficient machines. In addition to experienced staff our highly productive machinery is the foundation stone for our quality products. Currently, we possess a multitude of different production machines.

Fully automatic machines

Brand & model: komax alpha 356
Number: 1
Info & data: The fully automatic machine (crimping machine) is including one inkjet printer ims 295 BS, two times the 756 C for the seal loading and three times the MCI 722.

Cutter & wire stripper machines

Brand & model: Metzner AM 2000
Number: 2
Info & data: The automatic cut-to-length and stripping machine incl. inkjet printer processes cable with high precision and repeatability. The second machine possesses a 4 m stacking tray additionally.


Brand & model: ondal VarioLiner
Number: 1
Info & data: The program-controlled machine tapes complex wiring harnesses without using a lay-up board. It has a winding speed of 100–800 r.p.m.

Brand & model: ondal OndaLiner
Number: 1
Info & data: The individual program-controlled machine tapes wiring harnesses from simple to complex. Minimal production time due to a winding speed of 100–1000 r.p.m.

Brand & model: ondal OndaTaper
Number: 1
Info & data: The operator controlled taping machine is especially for the manufacturing of simple and long wiring harnesses. Efficient production due to rapidity and compactness. Winding speed: 100–800 r.p.m.

Crimping machines

Brand & model: TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics) AMP 3K/40
Number: 4
Info & data: The four crimping machines (normal presses) serves for the processing and crimping of wires.

Brand & model: TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics) Stripper Crimper
Number: 1
Info & data: The semi-automatic stripper crimper machine strips and cuts wire in a single operation.

Optical fibre cable processing

Brand & model: TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics)
Number: 1 (consisting of a group of 3)
Info & data: Semi-automatic laser welding machine incl. welding monitoring for the processing of optical fibre cables.